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Night time driving

Vision is of the utmost importance when you are behind the wheel. Any help one can get when driving is welcomed, especially at night. Nocturnal driving presents unique challenges that driving glasses can effectively address. Discomforting road glare from the headlights of oncoming traffic can impede your vision. This can be lessened by wearing glasses with anti-reflective coating to prevent the bouncing of light around your inside lenses.

Where many places recommend yellow tinted glasses for driving they actually are not great for driving. This is a misconception because any tint that reduces the amount of light transmitted to the eye impairs vision. Yellow lenses can be effective for foggy or hazy daylight conditions but are not effective against headlight glare and should not be worn at dusk or night. The yellow tint also reduces the wearers visibility of the darker portions of the roadway.

The best tint for driving sunglasses is gray as it reduces brightness and glare without sacrificing overall light and clarity. Gray is a neutral tint that allows the eyes to perceive colors in a pure way. This makes them ideal for driving and outdoor sports such as golf, running, or cycling. When the goal is visibility, the options are narrowed a bit.

Typically a couple things to look for in a pair of any driving glasses is polarization and contrast enhancement. They help to reduce glare and increase contrast perception. There are several options to consider when selecting your next pair of nighttime driving glasses.

The main thing to remember is there isn’t a best, but the best for you. That is based on a few factors, comfort, visibility, and style. Those are all subjective so you can see our video that shows our picks for the best driving sunglasses of 2019.

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Design Analysis and Critique

Cirque Du Soleil – Volta

The piece that I chose was an ad for a Cirque Du Soleil show at the Del Mar fairgrounds from the San Diego Reader’s Local Music Issue. The ad itself caught my eye after reading the chapter. The first thing that struck me was the use of color and contrast. Both the company name (Cirque Du Soleil) and the show Volta are stacked one atop the other in close proximity with Volta in bold block lettering in the largest type of all the copy on the ad. Contrast was also on display with all of the light beige text over the darker cool colored background.

The three performers are grouped together though doing different activities. The imagery of the acrobat flipping, the bike rider and the woman on roller skates are grouped together over a masked background of a woman’s head make for a lot going on. The colors of the acrobat’s outfit (yellow and green) pop against the backdrop of the red and green brushed underneath. The neon bright yellow bike and its rider’s turquoise and orange stand out against the white background and the multicolored skating woman with reddish hair does as well.  Repetition is covered with the usage of the performers and the usage of the brush strokes around each of them that form almost a cycle of movement in the head of the woman in the background.

All of the copy on the ad is in alignment from the “Find Your Free” through the “Cirque Du Soleil” and “Volta” to the opening date and location of the show. In fact, the width of each line of copy and the thickness of the letters create a clear hierarchy so the messaging is clear. You know where to be to take in the show. The typography draws interest mainly due to the font and effect used on Volta. The font is sans serif with the exception of the letter ‘q’ in Cirque.

From a compositional standpoint the design supports the intended audience. The target audience is anyone of means to buy a ticket to enjoy the show. The location makes it seem slightly more aimed toward a certain economic status (Del Mar) but essentially, it is a more prestigious circus performance. The design’s composition is dynamic due to its use of angles and the way the performers are shot and placed mid action.  It appears that the structure of the ad dictated how the piece was designed. It looks like the rectangular shape of the ad space created the confines that the design would live in.  Other ads in the same publication share similar dimensions for half page ads.

Opinion:  Good design is effective, clear communication. With this piece we have a good idea of what we would get with attending this show. Its use of the primary four design principles make for a strong example. There really isn’t anything that I would change in this piece. It made an effective use of negative space, wasn’t too cluttered though there was a lot going on, and was clear in what it communicates. None of the design elements distort or distract from the copy and what message is relayed. Now whether or not Cirque Du Soleil’s Volta stacks up to the “Greatest Show on Earth” is another story altogether.

Best Motocross Goggles of 2019 | SportRx

See More with the Best Motocross Goggles for 2019

Motocross is life. Adrenaline, speed, and skills combine in Motocross for unbridled awesomeness. But you have to see clearly to experience and believe it. That’s when you consider the options for Motocross Goggles to heighten the experience. Read on to find out what is most important to look for in Motocross Goggles.

What do we look for in Motocross goggles?

The most important things are helmet compatibility (since we cannot ride without helmets), slip resistant straps, anti-fog vents, and of course comfort.  Our picks for the best motocross goggles feature all of these.

Shop Oakley Airbrake MX

The Oakley Airbrake MX is the premier set of Motocross Goggles. Its features check off all of the boxes for the essentials for your next pair of Motocross Goggles. The frame is solid, with outriggers on each side that enable it to be helmet compatible. This means the goggles fit inside the helmet while the strap is kept outside of it. The frame features Switchlock Technology, durable silicone beaded, and adjustable straps so they won’t slip off your helmet. They are also equipped with 3 dense layers of face fitting foam to ensure a comfortable fit. Also available in prescription.

Shop Oakley Mayhem Pro MX

Oakley’s Mayhem Pro MX is one of their most comfortable Motocross Goggles. The frame is durable, helmet compatible of course with non-slip adjustable strap. Additionally, the Oakley Mayhem Pro MX features a removable nose guard and molded high-impact resistant lens to help keep things together when it matters most – on the ride. If you need them in prescription, no problem. You can have your custom prescription goggle insert crafted by a SportRx optician.

Shop SPY Klutch MX

The SPY Klutch MX goggles are made to get down and dirty at the track. Equipped with their Scoop high-flow vent system to cut down on fogging, comfortable face foam that wicks away moisture for a comfortable fit you can rock as long as you need to. If that wasn’t reason enough for its inclusion on this list, its silicone-ribbed strap stops goggle slipping and shifting while in the heat of the moment on the track. Need SPY prescription motocross goggles? We’ve got you covered with custom prescription goggle inserts for pristine vision in your SPY Klutch prescription MX goggles.

Shop 100% Accuri MX

100% Accuri MX Goggles combine form and function so you can focus on the track and your competition. The frames are constructed out of flexible yet durable urethane and are helmet compatible. The moisture-managing triple layer foam ensures you can give it your all without getting any sweat in your eyes. The 100% Accuri MX lens comes equipped with anti-fog, scratch resistant polycarbonate lens for clear vision. With oversized silicon coated straps holding your goggles motionless, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is holding on-to your bike!

Shop 100% Accuri Enduro MX

The 100% Accuri Enduro MX goggle features a vented dual-pane scratch resistant lens. This prevents fogging in virtually all riding conditions. Their proprietary Topview technology increases peripheral vision and ventilation. Like the other 100% Accuri on our list it features the silicon coated strap to eliminate slippage and a three-layer moisture managing foam to keep you sweat free.

Shop 100% Racecraft MX Goggle

100% Racecraft MX goggles are made with you in mind. Functionality, form, and simplicity make up these winners on our list to take you across that finish line. The frame features a removable noseguard for optimum protection and fit, as well as an air intake system that channels airflow. This helps manage moisture along with the triple layer face foam. The lens is vented and dual-paned for greater clarity on the track.

Shop Dragon NFX2 MX

Dragon’s NFX2 MX is by far and away one of the best on this “best of” list for a few reasons. Its frame features integrated outriggers for a comfortable fit and better seal with helmets. Their quadruple face foam ensures a dry and long term wearable fit as well.  Additionally, the frames allow for the lenses to be detached for quick lens changes. The optical quality alone is worth their addition to this list. The Lumalens tints are part of Dragon’s unique color filtering technology that blocks out certain colors of light. This increases clarity and depth perception while reducing eye fatigue so you can be at your best. The lenses are treated with Dragon’s Super Anti-Fog coating that combats fogging so you can have a clearer experience. The Dragon NFX2 MX Goggles are also available in a prescription if need be.

Get the Best Prescription Motocross Goggles of 2019 at SportRx

Need prescription Motocross Goggles? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription Motocross Goggles.

Ditch risky online shopping with the See Better Guarantee.  Try your Motocross Goggles for 45 days. If you’re not satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? Covered. Get your pair of prescription Motocross Goggles] at SportRx today!